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 Conflict Management Services

Text Box: Blossom Development supply development and restorative services to workplace and community  organisations which will increase manager’s, staff’s and client’s capacity to lead, motivate, communicate with and deal effectively with colleagues, clients, bosses, subordinates and others in their lives..   

The founder is Catherine O’Connell, a mediator, trainer, conflict coach and development facilitator .  She has worked in Sales Management  and teaching, has a diploma in HR Management,  a B.Sc in Psychology and an M.A in Mediation & Conflict Resolution.  She is a certified CINERGY conflict coach trainer and a member of the Mediators Institute of Ireland  and the Association of Conflict Resolution  Catherine is a member of  Enneagram Worldwide  and the Association of  Enneagram Teachers . Catherine works with groups, companies and individuals to develop restorative processes and is a management committee member of the Restorative Justice organisation Facing Forward. 

Development of excellent communication skills, conflict management skills and development of  interpersonal/emotional intelligence are paramount to good stress management, personal fulfilment and delivering top quality goods and services to those inside and outside the organisation. 
Blossom Development Services  include: 
Positive Conflict Management Training
Mediation  and Facilitation
Individual Conflict Coaching
Telephone  Conflict Coaching
Effective Communications  Workshops
Restorative Workplaces
Restorative Conversations
Team Building and Group Dynamics
Improving Workplace Culture
Enneagram Personal and Professional Development
Assertiveness and Personal Development
Building Self Esteem
Stress Management 
Tailored Courses to meet specific organisational needs

 Contact Catherine at 
or telephone:     00353 87 9936237 or 003531 8380702
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