Connected Living and Transforming Conflict

See conflict as an essential part of a whole, rich life

Make your conflicts add and not detract from your life and work 

Become an Accredited Professional Mediator: New Training Programme with Maynooth University and Blossom Development Autumn & Winter 2024

CINERGY™ Conflict Management Coaching Workshop  November 2024


Certificate in Restorative Practice for Mediators and Conflict Intervenors January 2025




About Blossom Development

Blossom Development is owned by Catherine O'Connell living in Dublin, Ireland

She is a mediator, conflict management coach, restorative practitioner and works with individuals, groups and teams  so that they can manage conflict and disagreements in the best possible way

Catherine is a lecturer in mediation, restorative practice and negotiation at Maynooth University, Ireland



Blossom Development offer both face to face and online mediation to individuals and people experiencing conflict in the workplace or people who have decided to end their partnership or marriage


CINERGY™Conflict Management Coaching

This is for Individuals who would like to enhance their ways of managing conflicts, have challenging conversations successfully, and expand their repertoire of conflict management styles behaviours.  Conflict management coaching gives clients an opportunity to work one on one with an experienced coach in safety and privacy either face to face or online 

Restorative Practice

A restorative approach and philosophy believes that all humanity is interconnected and that an explicit focus on building healthy relationships and nurturing responsibility will achieve excellence in practice what ever the context. Emanating from Restorative Justice the approach works WITH people and believes that everyone has a right to a fair process and to be heard.  A number of processes are available to bring toCommunities, Families, Organisations and Groups 


The Enneagram for leaders and teams

The Enneagram is a system of personality that enables personal and professional development amongst individuals, teams, groups and communities. It teaches us to learn about our gifts and our blind spots and shows us how we can understand some people very well and others not so much. The enneagram allows us to learn to appreciate, tolerate and manage difference. We learn how to harness and bring out the dynamic creativity and stability that every group and organisation needs to thrive. 

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