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Sometimes,  people find themselves in difficult situations with one or more people in the workplace or elsewhere.  These situations can seem insurmountable and are often the cause of absenteeism, illness, poor concentration,  poor productivity, insomnia, irritability and other symptoms of  stress .  Attempts at problem solving often fail. Misunderstanding, fear and lack of  trust are very common.  Very often people in conflict believe that there is no point in attempting to talk to the other; they may have tried already to no avail. People may believe that the only recourse open to them is to leave or make a formal complaint.


However another option is available which can be very successful for all concerned.  Mediation is a process where people in conflict or in a dispute meet with someone impartial who helps them to work through their areas of conflict non-judgmentally. The addition of a trained mediator and facilitator can change the dynamic between the parties and allow people to voice their concerns, issues and grievances in a safe place where they know they are being heard and nothing said will be repeated elsewhere.


The whole process can be empowering for both parties as any agreement or understanding is made only by the people having the conflict not the mediator. Equally important are the confidentiality requirements within the mediation process and the absolutely voluntary nature of mediation.  Only when people come to mediation of their own accord can the magic of the process do it’s work.


The mediation process can consist of pre-mediation talks and at least one mediation session. It can help to follow up the mediation with one or two post mediation visits to deal with areas that are still difficult  and/or failures in sticking to agreements. . Under these conditions mediation can be a powerful, cost effective and efficient way to transform conflict and difficult relationships in organisations and communities.


Benefits of Mediation

· Low Cost

· Low Risk

· Swift Resolution

· Confidential Process

· Safe place to speak

· Empowering to all parties

· High Settlement Rate

· Retention of skilled staff

· Skilled and trained mediator

· Transparent process

· Options always open to use other methods later

· Opportunity to step off adversarial track

· Non-judgmental multi-partial mediator    

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“Peace Is Every Step”        Author Thich Nhat Hanh

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