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The Enneagram is a system of personality typology that shows how we each inhabit one of nine very different worldviews and habitual patterns of attention. It is a powerful tool for  organisational and personal development.  It allows us to discover our  own  particular strengths and appreciate the different talents of others . It promotes tolerance and understanding of different ways of working and also gives us power to step out of automatic patterns of thinking and behaving.  It shows us that we are not stuck with our automatic habitual  responses be they thoughts, feelings or actions; instead we can hold onto and develop those parts of us that support us and develop our gifts and by cultivating awareness we can drop those aspects of us that are unhelpful to us in our lives, careers and relationships. Workshops include:

 The Enneagram and Personal Development

 Effective Working  with the Enneagram

 Effective Leadership using the Enneagram

 Conflict Management  and the Enneagram

 The Enneagram and  Stress Management

 Effective Teams with the Enneagram.


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 6 Supporter

9 Peacemaker

I Perfectionist

2 Helper

3 Achiever

4  Romantic

5 Observer

7 Optimist

8 Leader

The Enneagram :  9 ways of working and living

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