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Text Box: Personal and Group Development
Blossom Development provides training and education to empower individuals and groups in our schools, communities and organisations.  We provide opportunities for people to take on new information, skills, strategies and self-awareness in a learning conducive environment.  

Low self esteem can hurt people in many ways at home and at work. It can have a negative impact on people’s level of productivity in the workplace as anxiety and creativity are inversely proportional.  Therefore it is to every employers advantage to have a confident,  assertive workforce who enjoy collaborative problem solving work practices. Social and interpersonal intelligence can be developed and improved with everybody and this will directly impact on people’s effectiveness, personally, socially and professionally.
Courses Available:
Beliefs and Self Acceptance
Building Self Esteem
Stress Management
Myers Briggs Personality Typology
Creating Healthy Relationships
Conflict Resolution Techniques
Effective Communication
Dealing with Bullying 
The Enneagram Personality Type System
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Nurturing the Spirit  17th August 2015


Text Box: “They Can Because They Think They Can”.        Virgil

 Building Self Esteem

N.W.I C.T  Certification