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Text Box:                        Effective Conflict Management:
Cuts the cost of conflict as it reduces the stress, illness and resulting absenteeism associated with conflict and disputes.
Cultivates conflict positive workplaces where to conflict over issues is normal and does not have to be destructive. 
Cultivates an environment of respect and co-operation and collaboration 
Cuts fears and anxieties of people at work and allows more focus on task. 
Cuts the likelihood of formal grievance procedures being undertaken by having managers and staff trained in best practice conflict management procedures and by having alternative dispute resolution present. 

                  Conflict  Management Coaching:
Conflict coaching is a specialized niche in the field of coaching.  It is a one-on-one alliance in which a trained coach assists people to effectively address specific disputes and gain competency in their conflict management skills.

It is a unique dispute resolution mechanism with wide application, not only in the organizational context but also, for coaching individuals to participate in mediation, negotiation and relational conflict.  Among other things,  conflict coaching teaches participants to :
 manage and approach disputes in more collaborative ways
shift destructive reactions to conflict, to constructive responses
develop communication skills for managing conflict more effectively

                    Conflict Management Coaching Training
Train yourself or your staff to be highly skilled  and effective coaches in Conflict Management. This 4 day workshop will equip people to manage their own and other’s conflicts  more effectively in the workplace or at home. Marvellous course for those needing to manage people at work, do performance appraisals and improve communication skills generally.  See above boxes for details of courses in Dublin and Kent, England. 

                               Dispute System Design
Systemically tailored  to the needs, structure, complexity and culture of the organisation. Appropriately designed and managed dispute systems can save companies time, money and improve productivity.  By proactively designing your own dispute system, an organisations negative practices are replaced with positive ones and it’s culture becomes a more positive collaborative place to work.

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Text Box: Effective Conflict Management
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