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Communications, Conflict Management and DevelopmentServices  
Text Box: Conflict Management Services include:

Mediation or Facilitation with parties experiencing conflict .   Prior to any mediation, the facilitator will talk with all parties involved to ensure they know what mediation entails, that it  is voluntary in nature and absolutely confidential.  At this stage if everyone is willing to go ahead a format for  the process is agreed with everyone.

Conflict  Management Coaching:  A  confidential one to one service for those wishing to improve their conflict management skills , for those who are dealing with a difficult conflict situation in the workplace or in personal lives and and  for people preparing to enter mediation talks. 

Basic Workplace Conflict Management Training of Staff and Managers. From half day to 4 day training programmes available tailored to the organisations requirements. 

Conflict Management Coaching Workshop for Coaches/Managers/H.R. Professionals:  Intensive 4 day workshop developing strategies, skills and knowledge necessary to coach managers/ individuals to manage their staff/potential conflict(s) effectively. 

Dignity at Work training

 Conflict Management Services are useful when:
A dispute/difficulty between employees had been brought to your attention. 
Productivity and/or morale is low due to disputes/difficulties in work
A member of staff has been complained about by others at work. 
Employees/Managers/ are feeling bullied or harrassed in the workplace.
Managers need to develop their communication/conflict management  skills,  deal with inter party issues,  conduct performance appraisals or have difficult conversations.
A  relationship is in difficulty and those involved are not sure what to do about it. 
Couples are separating and wish to manage the difficult times ahead
There is an inter or intra family dispute (e.g caring for elder relative)
There is a difficult situation with neighbours or in the community
A family member is in difficulty.

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