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Text Box:  Quick Snapshot s of the Nine Enneagram Styles Types

Ones are perfectionist, rational, hard-working, principled, disciplined and at times critical. They can be so task oriented that they forget to tune into themselves and check out their real wants and needs. If they don’t check in, they may become burnt out and resentful

Twos are caring, empathetic, supportive, empowering, loving and very helpful. Their focus on their relationships can result in them neglecting their own needs and losing touch with who they are  outside of these relationships. 

Threes are energetic, confident, goal-oriented, organised, enthusiastic, determined and image makers. They are motivators and doers but can identify so much with their roles in life that they lose touch with their real selves and their real needs. 

Fours are sensitive, refined, individualistic, creative, intrepid, deep and at times depressive. They want to be authentic and express who they ‘really are’. Their sense of being defective /different  can cause them to over-identify with their feelings and get lost in themselves. 

Fives are wise, knowing, observant, respectful, objective, private and at times isolated.  Knowledge is their security. Their sensitivity and fear of being overwhelmed by other’s demands on them can lead them to over-detach and isolate themselves.

Sixes are loyal, caring, warm, dutiful, committed, self-sacrificing and at times indecisive.  Their inner doubt  and lack of belief in themselves can lead to a focus on ‘the rules’ and outside ‘authority’ either in a compliant or a challenging way.  They need to trust others but have to trust themselves first. 

Sevens are optimistic, fun, playful, innovative, witty, planners and at times escapists. They are often entrepreneurs and very creative. Their fear of pain can lead them to ignore important information and over focus on the outside world to avoid painful feelings inside of themselves. 

Eights are powerful, action oriented, responsible, protective, energetic and at times domineering. They avoid being controlled by others and can be in denial of their own vulnerability.  When in touch with their own vulnerability, they do not seek or need to over-control and can be the underdog’s ‘champion’.

Nines are calm, unaffected, steady, peaceful, safe, accommodating and sometimes stubborn.  They enjoy harmonious relationships. Their need for harmony, peace and ‘union’ can lead to a focus on the other’s agenda, ‘peace at any cost’ and a neglect of their own agenda in life.